Good Morning,
Ladies & Gentlemen!


Good Morning,
Ladies & Gentlemen!

Welcome to E-Day learning at it's finest!
I have divided this lesson into three parts: the introduction (you're reading it now), the inspiration, and the assignment.

Here's how this works.

  1. Read this introduction (the overview) explaining an important facet of graphic design.
  2. Watch the video, the inspiration, expounding upon the the effects of what we do as designers.
  3. Read the design brief to discover the challenge that lies in store.
  4. You will have ten days to complete the assignment and turn it in.

Lets get started...



The simplest way to define graphic design is communication through the use of art. We can use art to inform, persuade, organize, stimulate, locate, identify, attract attention, provide pleasure, and/or express feelings or emotions. This visual communication surrounds us - an omnipresent influence encompassing our lives every second of every day.

Think of a typical morning. You wake up and look at the time on your phone, pulling yourself out of bed and making your way down to the kitchen where you rummage through the pantry looking to find the flavor of cereal that looks tastiest (packaging design). You hop in the car and head to school, slowing down for the school zone sign (informative design). You may stop off on the way at a local coffee shop and be immediately inclined to try the new peppermint mocha because it looks so good on the huge sign covering the front window (persuade and stimulate advertising).

Graphic design doesn't stop there - it's in the layout of the books we read, the brands we buy, the stores we shop at, the websites we view, the apps we use, even the social media sites so many people are addicted to.

An iconic design,  I Love New York , is right at home on someone's favorite shirt.

An iconic design, I Love New York, is right at home on someone's favorite shirt.

Graphic design can inspire action, create awareness, inform, persuade, and more. but design is not limited to advertising. design crosses boundaries into every aspect of our daily lives. design, even design intended to promote or sell something, can take the appearance of art.

Think about our example of a typical morning. Did you leave the house naked? I sure hope not! Chances are you put on some kind of clothing - and there is a good chance that clothing more-often-than-not includes a t-shirt. Printed t-shirts are a staple in our modern society. They do everything from display our interests, to telling jokes, to advertising a company or product, and just about anything else you can think of.

Some designs may be difficult and costly to produce, but it may well be worth the effort. This design by Jeff Finley of Thread's Not Dead was produced by  DesignByHümans.

Some designs may be difficult and costly to produce, but it may well be worth the effort. This design by Jeff Finley of Thread's Not Dead was produced by DesignByHümans.

Good design will blaze new trails in what people are wearing. Adding foil into your design wasn’t something your average designer six or seven years ago thought of. Foil or printing a full color image isn’t really cost-effective but it might be worth it if that’s what people are buying. A good design pushes boundaries and does things differently. It starts new trends, forges new printing solutions, and advances the industry.
— Jeff Finley, Thread’s Not Dead



Wearable Design.

Crossing the lines between art, marketing, and clothing we find t-shirts. People love their t-shirts, especially if they are free. T-shirts are an effective way to build awareness of your brand, cause, or message.

Check out this story:


The Challenge

The Challenge

The Assignment

You are to design a t-shirt. A t-shirt for graphic design. You can create original imagery, use typography, or any combination you can think of.

  • Minimum of five thumbnails required.

  • You DO NOT have to compose you design on the computer.

  • DRAW one final version. You may choose to print out a blank shirt and draw your design on it.

  • Be as creative as you can.

  • Be original. No body wants the same thing again.

Due on or before february 7, 2019.

To submit your completed assignment, submit a scan/photo of your thumbnails and design to classroom, and place your name and the date on your final design and place them in your provided box.

Failure to complete this project by the assigned date will result in an automatic unexcused absence from school, as required by the Ohio Department of Education. If you have any questions, please consult your instructor.